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Everything we offer is for women and men.

Facial and body treatments

Cosmetic procedures complement the daily facial and body care. The use of professional equipment and preparations can achieve effects that can not be achieved at home.
Cosmetic facial treatments are said to alleviate skin problems, improve moisture, elasticity and skin tone. They are used for young people struggling with age-related problems - acne, blackheads, and dry ones. They are also commonly used for people with mature skin. In this case, the treatments are aimed at reducing wrinkles or tightening the skin. Body treatments focus primarily on body contouring and the fight against skin defects. Cellulite treatments reduce the visibility of orange peel, smooth the skin and even accelerate fat burning. Stretch marks treatments help to reduce the blemishes that appear on the skin after a sudden change in body weight, such as after pregnancy.

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Eyelash extension and thickening

Eyelash extension is a process that has gained popularity lately. It involves an optical enlargement of the eyelash volume and works great, especially when our natural ones are weak and bright. Properly done, it saves a lot of time that had to be used for make-up so far.

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Hair thickening and extension

The hair extension treatment is intended primarily for women whose strands are thin, thin or short. Thanks to the professionally fixed strands you can achieve the breathtaking effect of a sumptuous and luxurious hairstyle in just three hours. without having to wait many years for the hair to reach the desired length.
More and more women have recently opted for this process, mainly out of a desire to undergo a radical metamorphosis, which - done by a professional hairdresser - can bring really amazing results.

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Foot and hand care

Beautiful hands and nails are no coincidence, they are the showcase of every woman and one of the most visible attributes of beauty. The look of the hand is like an open book that provides information about our temperament, personality and lifestyle. Velvety, delicate skin and shapely nails are a jewel of every elegant woman, part of her beauty and femininity.

In the salon, we offer treatments that effectively eliminate the problems of rough and dry skin as well as dull and brittle nails.

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Permanent Make-up

Permanent make-up is a special cosmetic procedure in which lips, eyes and eyebrows are permanently highlighted. The eyes are usually a line on the lower and / or upper eyelid, the eyebrows are adapted to the shape, while the lips strengthen the lips, the contours selected and adapted and the redness is enhanced. Permanent make-up is also an effective alternative to more invasive surgical procedures, as with the appropriate Technique performed surgery ensures a visible and natural lifting effect.

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Hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Some are shaving every day, others use the treatments once a month. No matter what kind of depilation you choose, it has to be adapted to the skin type. Find out what the effects of popular hair removal methods are. D. H. waxing, shaving, epilation, lasers.

Hair removal is not the discovery of our time. Women did this in ancient times - in Greece they burned with a flame of an oil lamp, In the Roman Empire they used pumice cream. Today we have modern methods, and yet it happens that the end result disappears - the skin is red, it hurts, Pimples appear on it. They can prevent such unpleasant reactions. Get to know the most popular types of hair removal!

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Cosmetic services

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Tooth whitening

will be possible from November 2019

In this method, preparations with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide are used. The effect achieved during such lightening is usually very good, but some people have a lightening resistant Glaze and the treatment may not bring the desired effect. The advantage of this treatment is that it lasts relatively short, the effect is quickly visible and the likelihood of gum damage is less than, for example, bleaching at home. The doctor first assesses the color of the teeth and then cleans them of deposits and plaque.

Then it protects the gums and the cervical area of the teeth with a special compound. Then he wipes his teeth. The product will stay on for 15-20 minutes Teeth and can be irradiated meanwhile, depending on the medium with special lamps. The doctor then removes the gel from the teeth and repeats if necessary, the above activities until a satisfactory effect is achieved (up to 3-4 times). It should be noted that the teeth are often within the first 24 hours brighter.

We work with s + sum, Gucci, Coola, Zoya, Skin's Brazilian Waxing products and Long-Time-Liner, ICOONE devices. All the products we work with in the company are also available in the salon. Possible shipment of these products.

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ICOONE Laser Price list

Service Price
ICOONE Laser 30 minutes 160 CHF
ICOONE LASER 60 minutes 200 CHF
ICOONE Laser 90 minutes 250 CHF
ICOONE Laser 10 treatments (30 minutes) 150 CHF (1500 all in)
ICOONE Laser 10 treatments (60 minutes) 180 CHF (1800 all in)
ICOONE Laser 10 treatments (90 minutes) 240 CHF (2400 all in)
ICOONE Laser 15 treatments (30 minutes) 135 CHF (2025 all in)
ICOONE Laser 15 treatments (60 minutes) 165 CHF (2475 all in)
ICOONE Laser 15 treatments (90 minutes) 225 CHF (3375 all in)
ICOONE Laser 20 treatments (30 minutes) 120 CHF (2400 all in)
ICOONE Laser 20 treatments (60 minutes) 150 CHF (3000 all in)
ICOONE Laser 20 treatments (90 minutes) 210 CHF(4200 all in)

After the end of the treatment, it is advisable to buy booster treatments once a month in the pack or individually.

Remind treatments


870 CHF

  • 6 treatments
  • Each treatment 30 minutes


1110 CHF

  • 6 treatments
  • Each treatment 60 minutes


1410 CHF

  • 6 treatments
  • Each treatment 90 minutes

Or individually according to price list

After completion of the 5, 10 or 15 treatment, it is necessary to have 1 so-called memory booster treatments per month. You can book it individually or by subscription.

Cosmetic treatments

Service Duration Price

Classic treatments:

s+summe facial
Cleansing / exfoliation / remove blackheads / brow plucking
Neck-décolleté facial massage / mask / final care
90 Min. 125 CHF
s+summe Facial small
Cleansing / exfoliation / remove blackheads / brow plucking
Mask / Final Care
60 Min. 105 CHF
s+summe Personalized anti-aging code treatment
individually tailored to your skin type and skin condition incl. home care Price on request
from- to
s+summe Dermacure Peeling System
Activates skin renewal, promotes collagen formation and optimizes the pH of the skin
Successful against acne, pigmentation marks, wrinkles, stretch marks scars
30 Min.
individual treatment 250 CHF
6 Abo 1425 CHF
Labor from- to

Anti-aging care with high-tech mesotherapy:

Cleansing of the skin / introduction of selected concentrates with electro-porotation
Sample treatment - can be booked once per customer 60 Min. 105 CHF
individual treatment 60 Min. 160 CHF
Monthly refresher treatment after completed cure 60 Min. 140 CHF
10 Abo 1440 CHF (You save 160.00)
15 Abo 2160 CHF (You save 240.00)
20 Abo 2720 CHF (You save 480.00)

Eyelashes & eyebrows

Dye eyelashes Single treatment 45 CHF, during treatment 35 CHF
Dye brow Single treatment 35 CHF, during treatment 25 CHF
Color eyelashes and brows Single treatment 65 CHF, during treatment 55 CHF
Brow shape 25 CHF

Yumi-Lashes lifting eyelashes

Reinforcing keratin eyelash lift including dyeing 120 CHF

Hair removal with Skin's Brazilian Waxing method

High quality, extremely effective, irritant and significantly painless
Whole legs 85 CHF
Half legs incl. knees 54 CHF
Bikini off 40 CHF
Bikini completely 75 CHF
Armpit 35 CHF
Face 40 CHF
Brew off 17 CHF
Upper lip 15 CHF
Chin off 70 CHF
Poor 50 CHF
Forearms 40 CHF
For HIM: Back off 70 CHF
For HIM: chest & abdomen off 68 CHF

Classic manicure & pedicure treatment

Shorten nails or file and shape, remove excess cuticles, care for cuticles, soothing massage
60 CHF
Cosmetic foot care
Cut and file nails, remove excess cuticles, nourish the cuticles, remove the cornea, soothing massage
75 CHF
Varnish color 15 CHF
French 20 CHF
The vegan nail polishes from Zoya are BIG10 FREE, certainly also for pregnant women


Day or evening make-up 60 Min. 95 CHF
Bride make-up 60 200 CHF

Nail treatment

Service Price

Nail treatment with gel

New set without French 145 CHF
New set with French ab 165 CHF
Padding without French 75 CHF
Padding with French ab 90 CHF
repair per nail / during the appointment 8 CHF
1 nail new, outside the appointment 15 CHF
Remove the nail 40 CHF
Gel varnish 60 CHF
Remove gel varnish 40 CHF

Foot manicure and nail

Manicure with massage 58 CHF
Painting during the appointment ab 7 CHF
French Lack 18 CHF
Foot care with massage 72 CHF
Toenails paint 12 CHF
Toenails French lack 25 CHF
Toenails French Gel 45 CHF
Toe prosthetics 15 CHF

Permanent Make-up Price list

Service Price
Lips contour 600 CHF 420 CHF
Lips shading 600 CHF 420 CHF
Lip contour + shading 1000 CHF 700 CHF
Augen Linie oben 350 CHF 250 CHF
Eye line above 300 CHF 210 CHF
Eyes line up + down 600 CHF 420 CHF
Eyebrows 600 CHF 420 CHF
Eyebrow Härchentechnik 800 CHF 560 CHF
Nachstechen up to 4 weeks for free!

Attention! Permanent makeup price list until the end of the year 2019 price 30% is reduced

Facial and body treatments

Service Price
Site under construction Site under construction

Compress and lengthen eyelashes

Service Price
new set 130 CHF Promotional price until the end of 2019
Fill up 100 CHF

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